Releases and Newsletters

In addition to our Programmes and their publications
CEHRD also issues individual and joint Releases in
response to recent events.  

CEHRD also publishes a Newsletter which is a summary
of current Releases and other statements concerning
CEHRD's Programmes and Mission.  Each will be
updated as appropriate.  Please feel to
contact us
concerning any of the information.
Volume 1 Issue 1
Volume 1 Issue 2
Special Report on the Joinkrama 4 Oil Spill
Dangerous Armed Groups in the Delta
Conflict Watch Report: Tere-ama
Special April 2007 Election Report
Election Report for IFES March-April 2007
Election Monitor 1.1
Election Report for the IFES February 2007
Barrister Timba Okponipere Arrest
Imbiba Harassment
CEHRD provides this information and these releases for public and international benefit, and
asks that any use of the information here within be properly referenced to CEHRD and/or its
staff and/or board.
Center for Environment, Human
Rights and Development