To forge a common link with the rural Niger Delta
communities through campaigns, participatory education,
and enlightenment of the people on the problems
confronting them.  Equipping them with the basic knowledge
of their situation and encouraging them to address the
issues themselves in a non-violent manner, our mission is
to assist the people of the Niger Delta both as an
organisation, but also in helping them gain more control and
self-determination over their lives and the problems they
CEHRD is registered with the Nigerian Ministry of Environment
as an environmental non-governmental organization (ENGO)
and also with the Social Services Bureau of the Ministry of
Social Welfare as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)
with the Government of Rivers State of Nigeria with
tax-exempt status respectively.

Our Networks/Affiliations:
CEHRD networks with local and international organizations
and groups with similar aims and objectives.  An example of
this collaboration is our role in researching and writing of the
Nigerian Location Report in
Lessons Not Learned: The Other Shell Report 2004.

Some of the organizations CEHRD works with:
Rain forest Resource and Development Centre (RRDC), (Cross River State,
Nigeria), Civil Liberties Organization (CLO), South-South Zonal Secretariate,
(Edo State, Nigeria), Society for Water and Public Health Protection
(SWAPHED) (Edo State, Nigeria) Rural Women Environmental Network
(RUWEN), (Rivers State, Nigeria), Gender and Constitution Reform Network
(GECORN), (Ikeja, Lagos State) and member of Freedom of Information
Coalition (FOI), coordinated by Media Rights Agenda (MRA)(Lagos State,
Nigeria), Kabetkache Women Development and Resource Centre (Port
Harcourt, Rivers State) and Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law
(IHRHL) (Port Harcourt, Rivers State), Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF),
(London, Britain), Both Ends, (Amsterdam, Netherlands), Mangrove Action
Project (MAP) (Port Angeles, USA), International Action Network on Small
Arms (IANSA), IANSA's Women Network (London, UK) and Publish What You
Pay (PWYP), an international appeal for revenue transparency in the oil, gas
and mining industries, led by Open Society Foundation, (London, United
Kingdom), and others including individual academics and practitioners.
The Center for Environment, Human Rights, and
Development (CEHRD) is operated and recognized both
under Nigerian law and international standards as a charity,
non-profit, non-governmental organisation.

As such, it is entirely dependent upon support from
members, individuals, families, organizations, and
foundations locally and internationally with corresponding
aims and objectives.

We are also grateful to our Partners for their critical  financial

Partner Organizations

Stiftung Umvertein, Germany.

Global Green Grants (GGF), USA.

A. J. Muste Memorial Institute, USA.

Rufford Small Grant for Nature Conservation (RSGNC), UK.

X Minus Y Solidarity Fund, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

National Action Committee on AIDS (NACA), Nigeria.

World Bank, USA.

PADI Foundation, USA.

Mr. Patrick Naagbanton

Mr. Zabbey, Nenibarini

Ms. Caroline Obediah
Head, Rural Health and
Population Programme

Mr. Stevyn Obodoekwe
Head, Human Rights

Ms. Comfort Philip
Assistant Head, Rural
Health and Population

Ms. Peace Epelle
Special Projects

Mr. Joseph Pango, Esq.
Legal Services

Mr. Kentebe Ebiaridor
Project Account Officer

Ms. Shelly Rhoda
Administrative Officer

Mr. John M. Kpee
Transportation Officer

Mr. Saviour Udo
Maintenance Officer

Judith Robinson
Special Projects Director
Environmental Health
Boston, MA, USA

Dr. Scott Pegg
Associate Professor
Indiana University -
Purdue University
Indianapolis, IN, USA

Scott H. Baker, M.S.,
Assistant Dean, Division
of Business
Champlain College
Burlington, VT, USA


Ms. Jereoma Ikomi

Ms. Constance Meju

Mr. Patrick Naagbanton

Ms. Ibiba Dan Pedro

Mr. Zabbey, Nenibarini

Mrs. Linda Akinsaya

Mr. Stevyn Obodoekwe
Ms. Peace Epelle

Mrs. Caroline Obediah