Centre for Environment, Human Rights and Development
(CEHRD), is affiliated with local and international groups
with similar aims and objectives, and benefits greatly from
their advocacy and expertise.

Some of the organizations CEHRD is affiliated with are:

(i) CEHRD is the coordinating secretariat of the West African
Human Rights Defenders Network (WAHRDN); WAHRDN was
established in May 2005, at the end of an international conference of
human rights organisations in Dakar, the headquarters of Senegal.
The network represents 14 national human rights coalitions in the
West African sub-region.

(ii) People’s Movement for Human Rights Education (PMHRE), is
an international coalition of organizations building the capacities of
members to deepen human rights education using the United Nation’s
(UN) human rights and other local and national instruments to
promote it. PMHRE African secretariat is in Bamako, Mali. CEHRD is a
leading member of PMHRE in West Africa.

(iii) The International Action Network on Small Arms (IANSA) is a
global movement against gun violence-a network of more than 500
civil society organizations working in 100 countries to stop the
proliferation and misuse of Small Arms and Light Weapons (SALW).
IANSA is headquartered in London, United Kingdom (UK). CEHRD is a
member of IANSA as well as the Nigeria Action Network on Small Arms
(NANSA) based in Abuja, Nigeria.

(iv) The African Mangrove Network (AMN) is a network of
community-based organisations, non-governmental and local
environment networks, working to protect and conserve the health of
the diverse mangrove forests species throughout Africa, through
dialogue, community participation and education. AMN secretariat is
in Dakar, Senegal. AMN has over 60 members all over Africa. CEHRD
is a member of both the African and the Nigerian secretariat, which is
currently hosted by the Mangrove Forest Conservation Society of
Nigeria (MFCSN), Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Both AMN and CEHRD work
with the Mangrove Action Project (MAP).

(vi) Shell Corporate Accountability Coalition, is a coalition of
environmental groups drawn from all over the world pursuing
campaigns, advocacy, engagement and dialogue to ensure social
corporate responsibility on the part of Royal Dutch Shell in their
“fencelines” communities all over the world, whether their refineries,
depots or their pipelines. Centre for Environment, Human Rights and
Development (CEHRD) and Environmental Rights Action (ERA)
/Friends of The Earth, Nigeria (FOEN) are the only Nigerian members.

(v) Publish What You Pay (PWYP), is an international network of
organizations appealing to extractive industries, to known what they
pay to governments. Open Society Foundation, London, UK, hosts
the international secretariat of PWYP.

(v) Gender and Constitution Reform Network (GECORN) is a
national network of NGOs campaigning to ensure constitutional
reform that will enhance gender balance in Nigeria’s statute book.
GECORN is coordinated by women Advocates Research
Documentation Centre, (WARDC), Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria.

(vi) CEHRD is also a member of the Freedom of Information
Coalition (FOI). FOI, is an alliance of groups and individuals
advocating for the passage of the freedom of information bill, the bill
is currently before the national parliament in Nigeria. Media Rights
Agenda (MRA), Lagos State, Nigeria directs the campaigns.

(vii) CEHRD is also a member of the Rivers State chapter of the
Civil Society Network on HIV/AIDS (CISNAN). CISNAN is a network of
NGOs working in the field of HIV/AIDS campaigns, care, support and