Law insights: How Lawyers Make Sure They Win a Case

Lawyers are smart people, and they use their intelligence to their advantage. They face a ton of cases every year that they must win and this makes them vulnerable to burnout. To make it easy for them to keep on succeeding, they opt for a list of strategies that always work. These strategies are as old as the attorney profession. If you have used any norman dui lawyer, then you can attest that your criminal case was handled professionally.

They help both trial and non-trial attorneys to deliver the case in favor of their clients, and they always have something to get away with at the end of the judgment. However, some lawyers still new to the game or those unfamiliar with the concepts will need to know and practice them for a time before they become their second nature. Read on to see the how lawyers make sure they win a case.

The take advantage of the reptilian brain

LawyerThe reptilian part of the human brain is the oldest, and it represents survival instincts. It is the part humans share with other animals, and it brings out the life functions that work for everyone, they include hunger and breathing. Thus, lawyers will present situations in a near survival mode to create a sense of urgency or danger to the community. In such cases, the jury will feel responsible for making a change that upholds the safety of the community.

Develop trust of jurors

The lawyers know that for them to be successful, their jurors need to trust them and they can only do that by using hypothetical situations to understand what the court is thinking. At the same time, connecting emotionally with jurors is the important thing allowing lawyers to influence the thinking of jurors.

Leave no stone unturned

Some lawyers act surprised in court when a matter about their clients comes up, and it is as though they never anticipated or inquired about it. However, this is a sign of an ill-prepared lawyer. The best tactic is usually to have a hawk eye on all details even those that your client is not interested in sharing.

The lawyer must see the case as it develops from a multitude of dimensions so that there are no surprise elements. Instead, focusing on strategies of surprising the other side can be good. While such a lawyer will present not to know much, he or she will be waiting for the other side to reveal their cards, before attacking them on the facts claimed in court.

They build a battle to win a war

attorneyThe lawyers understand that their job takes many forms. There are out of court settlements; there are demands made to companies that act as formal requests. There is the exercising of the power of the attorney and these all act as mini-battles that comprise the war, which is the case itself.

The lawyers will seek to win one battle at a time so that eventually, the number of won battles automatically qualifies them to win the case. Hence, you see them focusing on dismissing some evidence, disqualifying a witness, expunging some concerns, introducing new options, postponing hearings, just to ensure everything is going out well for them.…

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Common Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring A Car Accident Attorney

After an accident, it is essential to seek legal assistance. This can be done with the help of professional car accident attorneys such as DFW Car Accident Lawyers. However, it is vital to know some of the aspects you need to have or know when looking for these types of lawyers. If you have the best tips, you will find the best lawyer who will represent you in court, and you are likely to win the case. Therefore, ensure that you make a wise decision when hiring one.

When you are looking for these lawyers, you need to know that there are some of these attorneys who claim to offer some of these services yet they do not have the required resources. That is why it is essential to take your time and ensure that a lawyer you are interested in meets all the requirements you need. Also, there are some of the mistakes that most people commit when hiring their lawyers. Here are just some of the mistakes you are supposed to avoid.

Making a statement

loiuytrfdcvbnmAfter you have been involved in an accident, ensure that you do not make any statement. This is because it could eventually hurt your case. Also, most of the insurance companies know how to trick you till you say something concerning the accident. Therefore, never make such a mistake of making any statement about the crash. Just keep your mouth shut till you consult your lawyer.

Admitting fault

This is another mistake most people more especially the drivers need to avoid after being involved in a crash. Therefore, even if the entire thing was your fault, make sure that you do not admit. This is because you will not gain anything by acknowledging it and if you admit, it may open yourself up to some legal proceedings in the future. That is why it is essential to keep your mouth shut until you contact your car accident attorney to discuss your options.

Releasing your medical reports

oiuytrdfcghjklYou are not required to release your medical records to anyone more especially the insurance company. Even though they may request you to do so, just ignore them. It is essential to seek legal guidance from your attorney before your medical records get reviewed by the opposing side. Therefore, make sure that your lawyer only reviews your medical reports. These, therefore, are some of the major mistakes you should avoid before hiring a car accident attorney.…

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personal injury

The Nature of Personal Injury Claims

Personal injury and related claims are associated with various types of accidents. As much as you might have an idea of what a personal injury is, you might not be in the best position to unearth the essentials of the resulting claims. That said, this article looks at some important aspects about the nature of personal injury claims and what you need to do.#

Facts to know about personal injury claim

You do not have to be injured to file a claim

accident rescue 12

Most people tend to wait until they suffer from physical injury to file a claim. Ideally, for a personal injury claim to be valid, you should be in a position of proving some liability or damages results from the negligence of a third party. Moreover, you should be ready to prove that the defendant owed you the duty of care, he or she breached his duty of care, the plaintiff suffered from injuries, and the defendant was directly liable to the injuries incurred.

You might be compensated even if you might be at fault

At times, you might be the one at fault for an injury suffered. However, in some instances, the plaintiff is entitled to some compensation even when the defendant was not liable for the injury. In this regard, it is not up to you to decide, but your attorney can help you with this. If you are liable in a way, you can be compensated only that the damages awarded can be substantially reduced.

You can settle a personal injury out of court

A good number of personal injury cases are settled outside of court. Ideally, both the plaintiff and the defendant are given the option of negotiating a favorable settlement. Since attorneys representing both sides are conversant with personal injury laws, you are always assured of a fair settlement. However, if you feel the settlement agreed is not right, you can always take the matter to court.

injury 12You might be entitled to much more

In most instances, insurance companies are quick to offer you some compensation especially when they realize that they owe you more. Moreover, most of these settlements might not effectively cater for the injuries suffered. In this case, let a personal injury lawyer deal with the insurance company and ensure you get what you are entitled to.

Personal injury claims should be addressed with caution and professionalism. As a tip, san bernardino personal injury attorney can help you get a fair settlement. First, schedule a free consultation and learn more about your claims.


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How to choose a personal injury lawyer for your ca

There are incidences that will cause you to seek the help of a lawyer because your rights as an individual have been infringed at some point. For instance, in case you as involved in an accident and the persons reliable are not willing to take responsibility as required by law then you will need to seek the services of a personal injury lawyer. The lawyer will work towards your justice up to the point you will receive your compensation.

A personal injury occurs in two ways, you will be either knocked by a car while you are on your errands and when you as a careful driver you are involved in an accident. Being involved in an accident will have you at your lowest moments, and you need support while you recover. That is why the lawyers at are available to help you get the compensation you deserve. There are several personal injury lawyers but should check for the best if you want to get the best representation. In this article, we help you know how you will choose your injury lawyer.

Ask for referrals

When you want to get the best lawyer to present your accident case you can ask for recommendations fromytgfhfh other people who have had services of a lawyer before. You should ensure that you ask for recommendations from the people who had a personal injury too and were served well by their lawyers. It will not be reasonable to ask for recommendations from people who were involved in a criminal case and hired a lawyer to defend them. Most lawyers have specialized in a particular section of the law, and you should get a recommendation of a lawyer who has specialization in handling personal injury cases.

Consider the experience

trffvgdWhen you want to have the best representation in court for your injury case you should look for a more experienced lawyer. A lawyer who has experience in the handling of personal injury cases will be well suited to present your case. This is because such a lawyer knows how to handle any issues that may arise pertaining your case. The lawyer will also know what to say in court and what not to say.

Consider the reputation of the lawyer

Determining the reputation of a lawyer before you can hire him or her. Of course, no one wishes to hire or work with individuals who have a terrible reputation. You will know the reputation of the lawyer by listening to what people say about the lawyer or by checking on the reviews that the lawyer has received from previous customers.


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What you should know About Copyright Law

What is copyright law? This is a law that protects an individual’s work from being used somewhere else unless with his or her permission. These types of work can be literally, dramatic, musical, including sound recordings, films, movies, and broadcasts. This law ensures that people are original in their work and they do not reproduce someone’s work. All countries in the world have this law that protects intellectuals’ properties. We have heard cases where someone has reproduced somebody else’s work. This is a severe violation of the law that makes the victim pay huge penalties depending on how severe the damages caused by the violation are. You need to know that you are only allowed to use someone’s work if he has permitted you to. If you use subsets of someone’s work, then ensure that you give him/her credit for it. Below is what you should know about copyright law and the type of works that are protected by copyright law:

Literary works

photography permit

Literary works are all the works that are expressed in writings, spoken and those that are sung apart from musical and dramatic works. Examples of literary work are, collections of poems, books, business letters can be an example of this too. Literary works can be defined as all the works that are imaginative. It is also known as creative writings or literary compositions. Most people lack originality and may tend to reproduce, novels, storybooks, and even poems without knowing that individuals protect their innovative pieces with the copyright law.


Musical works

Musical works are plays or films whose action and dialogue is interspersed with singing and to a great extent may involve dancing. Musical works are works that are characterized by pleasing melodies. Music works refer to all types of music ranging from gospel, hip-hop, and reggae, the list is endless of course. Musical works include the lyrics and also the musical notes not forgetting the orchestra and harmony. Never should you be tempted to use somebody’s music on your own because it is protected too.

Dramatic works

What are dramatic works? This refers to the creative pieces of dance and mimes. What are mimes? Mimes are performances using gestures and body movements without words. They may also include facial expressions. People can dance without singing in this dance, and they only use gestures and body movements with their own recorded beats. If such works are under the copyright law, then any reconstruction of the piece will put you in trouble unless you have the owner’s permission.

Artistic works

lawyerBy artistic works, what are we referring to? Artistic works are works to do with photos, sculpture, graphic works and designs, architecture and such like. Works of art are those creative works that you can visualize. For instance, you cannot reproduce someone’s drawings unless you have his permission or you are working with him. A lot of people depend on their works of art and have protected their work under the copyright law which is why you need to consult them before anything.…

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personal injury claim

Qualities to Look for when Choosing a Personal Injury Lawyer

If there is an individual who can be of great help to any individual is a personal injury lawyer. Their major role is offering legal assistance to those people who have been victims of injuries or mishaps. When you have a good injury lawyer on your side, you are sure that your interests are appropriately catered for, hence ensuring that you as the victim of the injury receive fair compensation for any injuries that they may have incurred. For one to qualify to be a good injury lawyer one should be well educated and informed on matters to do with injury law plus other civil rights. All the above skill are necessary as they will enable the lawyer to ensure that their client receives the appropriate compensation for their injuries. Besides the factors that we have mentioned above, there are other qualities and characteristics that one should look for when hiring an injury lawyer. Let us look at some of them:


arm injury

This is the first attribute that you should be looking out for when you want to hire an injury lawyer. There is a difference between being knowledgeable and having due diligence. Ensure that you hire a lawyer who is most likely going to be smarter than your opponent’s attorney. He or she should be an individual who has the ability to respond swiftly both to you and during the proceedings. His diligence should also help him ensure that your case is hastened and concluded within the stipulated time. To determine the levels of diligence that an injury lawyer has, it is advisable that you establish the number of cases that they have won or you can even attend some of his court sessions.



As it is with any professional, he or she should be informed and intelligent when it comes to matters that are related to their field of specialization. But intelligence is more required when one is dealing with legal matters more especially when body injuries are involved. When you want to win such a case, you will need to hire a personal injury lawyer who will have the ability to outsmart the other involved parties. The intelligence is also important since injury law has numerous complex issues that one will have to deal with. This is the sole reason why you need to have an intelligent personal injury lawyer.


The amount of money that the personal injury lawyer will be willing to charge you for the services provided is also a factor to take into consideration. It is always advisable that you settle for an individual who charges an amount that is well within your budget.


fvghvhhgvhvhAnother important fact that you should look out for is whether the personal injury lawyer has the required experience and qualification to handle your injury case as required. To ensure that this is the case, you are advised to undertake the necessary background checks of the injury lawyer that you want to work with. Ensure that you settle on a personal injury lawyer who has a vast experience in the field. Besides the experience, you should always endeavor to settle for a lawyer who has shown tremendous success in dealing with personal injury cases.…

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Formerly known as the Niger Delta Project for
Environment, Human Rights, and Development
(NDPEHRD), the Center for Environment, Human
Rights and Development (CEHRD) is a
rural-based and rural-focused non-profit
organisation founded on August 15, 1999 by
conservationists, environmentalists, activists,
and health workers in the Niger Delta region of
Nigeria. CEHRD was formed to respond to the
environmental, human rights, rural health, and
underdevelopment problems plaguing the Niger

Our goal is to serve as a bridge between the rural
communities of Nigeria and their rights by
empowering them through education and

CEHRD’s Mission, as well as its Structure, is built upon its
four Programme areas, each with its own Programme Head.

The programmes are:

Rural Health and Population
Human Rights
Community Development
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April 2007 Elections
© Copyright 1999-2007 by CEHRD. All rights reserved in accordance with the World
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