Human Rights Programme

We undertake human rights research, campaigns, advocacy
and litigation on behalf of victims of human rights violations. This
programme also pursues good government through
engagement, civic and voter’s education. In addition, anti-arms
proliferation and unregulated arms trade campaigns are
coordinated under this category. Officials of this project monitor
the small arms and light weapons (SALW) and its misuse in the
hands of government security forces, militia and cult groups,
gangsters, etc and its consequences on the people, especially
women and children, and work towards its prevention,
minimization and eradication through research and campaigns.
The aftermath ofan attack on a village cheiftain's home.
With an unemployment rate of over 70%, dire poverty, and dim
prospects, some young men seek financial and physical security by
joining armed gangs, or "cults."  Many of these cults are periodically
sponsored by local governmental officials and/or community leaders to
carry out campaigns of violence designed to influence local
decision-making, especially during election periods. Often, these gangs
are also used to sway village leaders and communities' opinions on
oil-related projects.  In all cases, the influx of cheap arms has led to a
drastic increase in violence.  Here is evidence of one such attack in
Rumuekpe,where the previously deceased chieftain's council room was
destroyed, and his eldest son was shot and killed.
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