Rural Health and Population Programme

CEHRD runs this programme to create awareness, better
knowledge and active care for the health of the rural
people in our communities, many of whom are
malnourished and without proper access to health care.

We also promote health protection through enlightenment
campaigns against prevalent diseases such as
tuberculosis, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, etc, and population
control. We educate rural people and health workers on
the necessary care and nutrition for people living with
Village children in the Niger Delta
Children from Biseni community in Yenagoa local Government Area,
Bayelsa State, after one of CEHRD's Community training
workshops on HIV/AIDS.
The children from Biseni community, posing with their parents and
others from the community who also took part in the HIV/AIDS
training and awareness workshop.  Dr. (Mrs.) Bernadetta Korubo and
Dr. Dennis Nwanbueze Enyindah served as the consultants during
these sessions.  
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