Insightful safety guide for motorcyclists

Anyone who has ever been involved in a motorcycle crash can retell how fatal they are. Motorcycles are more popular than ever thanks to the practicality they offer and their appeal. Motorcycle riders are considered to be cool and consume less gas too. One does not have to undergo too much trouble when parking. In places where traffic jams are frequent, motorcycles are the perfect ways of navigating through the impasse. However, there is a downside to motorcycles – safety.

Worrying motorcycle accident statistics

The number of motorcycle accidents reported every year across the country is in the hundreds of thousands.motorcycle accident Thousands of this accidents recorded resulted in fatalities. Despite the number of vehicle fatalities being more than motorcycles, this does not make them any way safer. For instance, only 0.5 percent of car accidents result in fatalities. However, on the part of motorcycles, the number is 4 percent. This places motorcyclists and their passengers several times more likely to perish in case of an accident. When comparing the statistics of the miles traveled relative to that for vehicles, motorcyclists are 25 times more likely to lose their lives per mile than their car driving counterparts.

How safe are you on a motorcycle

Surprisingly, motorcycles provide less protection than vehicles. Actually, the drivers are not completely covered. On the part of vehicle owners, the driver has the walls of the vehicle to count on provided the accident is not too intense. A motorcycle accident can see the driver thrown off as far as 10 feet. Motorcycles offer less stability as they operate on two wheels. In addition, the visibility in a motorcycle becomes a challenge when driving fast. Navigation challenges might arise when driving on bumpy or wet roads.

How informed are the riders

It is very important for a motorcyclist to observe maximum road safety as this will see them remain alive. There are many foundations being set up to pass on safety awareness to bikers. Websites are also popping up that educate learners on tips of riding safer. There are practice tests which have been set to specifically meet the standards in different states. The online article might not give you a practical learning experience however, they are very helpful.

Other important tips to consider

Visibility helps a lot during the night

Cars have huge lights at their front, back or sides. On the other hand, motorcycles have fewer lights which give off weak light. As a result, it is highly important that most motorists adorn four inches of reflective materials. Most motorcyclist clothing have reflective materials lining on their helmets. Having shiny surfaces fitted on the bike can help a lot too.

Wear safety gear

motorcycle gearMost motorcycle accidents throw the driver meters away from their bike. Your protective gear remains the only barrier between your raw skin and the asphalt. To prevent incurring abrasions and body injury it is advisable to wear clothing that covers your entire body. The main cause of death during motorbike accidents are head injuries, that’s why it is very important that you wear a helmet.

Finally, road safety is not the sole responsibility of the motorcycle rider. Vehicle owners also share apart a great part of the responsibility when it comes to safety.…

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