Amazing Benefits of Landscaping

Either you have your own house or you are planning to buy one, there are loads of reasons why you need to consider landscaping. There is something about beautiful outdoor spaces that will always get you excited each time you are heading back home. You cannot but notice the aesthetic appeal of a well-landscaped home. […]

Pollution and poverty in the Niger Delta

That the Niger Delta region is the seat of oil and gas production in Nigeria placing the nation as the 9th leading oil producing country in the world is no longer news. The region is also endowed with abundance of several other renewable and nonrenewable resources, including wild fisheries and alluvial soil with great potentials […]

Human Rights Report 2008

This report was prepared by the trio of Stevyvn Obodoekwe, Sebastian Kpalap and Patrick Naagbanton. Obodoekwe is the head of the Human Rights Program of CEHRD, while Kpalap is its special project officer and Naagbanton is the coordinator of the organization. The content of this report is based on cases of violations, investigated as reported […]

The Bodo War of Attrition

The Bodo War of Attrition Contents 1. About Bodo and its people 2. Genesis of the war of Attrition 3. Things Fall Apart 4. Comrades, No More! 5. Deebam and Deewell Clashed outside Bodo 6. Blood Flows as Deebam returns to base 7. An unending Macabre Dance? 8. Is peace in sight? 9. What is […]


Centre for Environment, Human Rights and Development (CEHRD) Ogale- Nchia, Eleme, Rivers State.   8, 2006.   No.1      SIME LEADERSHIP STRUCTURE: Chief Ngo Kpurugbara is the paramount ruler and head of the community.    He is     the highest authority in the community.  He presides over a fifteen – member council of Chiefs who are selected from […]

Oil and livelihoods in the Niger Delta

IMPACTS OF OIL POLLUTION ON LIVELIHOODS IN NIGERIA1 By Nenibarini Zabbey Head, Conservation Rivers State, Nigeria. ( INTRODUCTION “The number of registered oil spillages is increasing…Depending on the area, oil pollution could cause adverse impact on people (water quality), vegetation (smothering mangrove trees, crops, shore vegetation and fauna (fish, shellfish, soil fauna). This is demonstrated […]


EXPORTING SHRIMP FARMING TO NIGERIA: IMPLICATIONS FOR RURAL LIVELIHOOD AND MANGROVES IN THE NIGER DELTA. Nenibarini Zabbey Head, Environment and Conservation Programme, Centre for Environment, Human Rights and Development (CEHRD), Eleme Nigeria rising rates in Consumption in Europe, USA and Japan, email Recently, Africa has been identified as a potential new frontier for the […]

Conflicts Resolution and Peace Building in the Niger Delta

Conflicts Resolution and Peace Building in the Niger Delta: The Role of Government Institutions and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) Introduction: I consider it a great honour to be given the opportunity, by the Women Advocates, Research and Documentation Centre (WARDC), to speak at this unique “summit” on the deepening conflicts in the Niger Delta region […]


Police Kill 7, Raze Community …Over The Death Of 2 Of Their Officials On September 14, 2006, at about 3.00pm, following the killing of a Divisional Police Officer (DPO), Mr. Elias Allison over 800 armed mobile policemen invaded the Afiesere community killing, maiming, looting, burning of properties. Scores of people were also captured and whisked […]


“Care and Nutrition for People’s Living With HIV/AIDS (PLWHAs)” A lecture, delivered by Dr. (Mrs.) Bernadetta Korubo at a workshop at Alueken Town Hall, Ogale Village Community in the Eleme Local Government Area of Rivers State, Nigeria. Tuesday, January 17th and Wednesday, 18th, 2006. The workshop was organized by The HIV/AIDS Project of the Centre […]